Four Key Elements to a Great Reachout

Reachouts is a direct sales industry term for contacting a potential client, or business partner. Typically, when you start a new venture, whether it's a new job or a business, you're over-the-top excited about it. You tell everyone you know about your new amazing products and services, and how no one else on the planet has anything like what you have with your new incredible, one-of-a-kind compensation plan, and how you're all going to become gazillionaires, etc.

Then, there are those of us who join a company, or open our own business, but, "aren't in sales." These are the people who believe that they just buy-in, or set up shop, and will magically make money. Ummmm.....

Newsflash: if you're in business, any business, you're in sales.

Think about it. You make money when you offer a product or service and someone buys it. Whether they're buying a business opportunity, dry cleaning, or protein powder, you still only make money if you make a sale.

So, let's consider this fact, that we are actually in sales, when we reach out to our Who, our friends, or a cold market/chicken lister. Own it. Love it. Accept it. Before you type like a crazy person into Facebook messenger about how amazingly awesome and life-changing your new company is, know your audience. Speak to them in their language, how they will hear you, not how you want to be heard. Text if you have a cell phone number, isn't that how you would speak to them anyway?

Here's the four key elements to a great reachout.

  1. Keep it short and sweet. No one wants to read a novel in their texts or their messages. You have a few seconds to capture their attention, whether they are a friend or cold market, so make it count. No more than three sentences: Hello, Pitch, Question.

  2. Sentence 1: Say Hello. Don't be creepy or sketchy. Your first sentence should always be hello and the niceties. I mean, do you like it when someone just blasts you with information? Be a normal human, not a creepazoid.

  3. Sentence 2: The Pitch. Yes, you need to pitch your peeps. I'm a fan of telling prospects what I sell. Why? It's a red flag to be secretive and secretive=not trustworthy. You are trustworthy, so don't act like you're hiding something. Besides, if you're all-in, you should be proud of your company and your product, and therefore should have zero problem telling someone the company name.

  4. Sentence 4: Ask A Question. This could probably be the most important part of your reachout. You want your prospect to to respond, so ask a question. If you end your reachout with a sentence, then there's no reason for them to respond. Give them a reason to respond--always end your reachout with a question.


Hey Jenn! Happy Tuesday, was great to see you at soccer practice last night! I just started a home-based business with Monat, and would love to give you some samples of our haircare and skincare products to try. Does tonight or tomorrow night work better to drop them off?

At the end of the day, remember to be YOU. There's a lot of language samples out there, and the most important thing you can do is read them to educate yourself, get ideas for how to present yourself, and then, write your own.

You are your best asset in life and in business, so just be you.

Melissa Pranzo is The Comma Check Girl. If you're struggling or frustrated with your business, schedule a 1-on-1 Clarity Call with Melissa to take a deeper dive.

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