Time to shine: how to build your brand online

You've started a new business, yay! Now you need to build your brand.

A strong brand can elevate your product or service from a solution to a problem, into a much greater experience. With the right branding efforts, you’ll be able to shape your customers’ perception of what it is that you stand for, and resonate deeply with your client base.

Your brand may evolve, and honing in on your message may take a while, but you need to establish some basics out the gate to attract customers and a following.

Whether you’re creating a business from scratch, or are looking to reinforce your existing business, use these simple steps to build your brand. From developing the right concept to creating your own logo and website, you need to take the time to map out Who you are, How you want to show up online, and Why what you do is necessary.

Steps to building your brand:

  1. Stand out. If you're not using your own name, find or create a unique name that stands out.

  2. Create a recognizable logo. A symbol alone won't cut it. No one will know what that is, so use a tool like Canva to create a unique logo. Lots of templates to help you!

  3. Build a website. I know people don't think this is important, but it is!

  4. Share your brand across social media platforms. Don't overwhelm yourself, start with one or two and then grow your presence,

  5. Build an Email list. This takes time, but is worth it. Email is still king. Use your marketing efforts to build a legit optin list.

  6. Engage and Stay Active. Algorithms are fickle, and punish inactivity. If you need to take a break, try to schedule your posts using a social media scheduler.

For more information on how to build your brand, why not call our team at 727-334-1600 for a no obligation chat, or email us at info@melissapranzo.com.

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