Manifesting 101: 3 Things You Need To Do Daily

Manifesting works. It really does, but, you need to practice it. This isn't an I Dream of Genie kind of thing where you think it, nod your head, and presto! Dream life and a bottomless bank account.

No, my friend, it takes more than that. But, once you start practicing your manifesting techniques daily, it will work. The universe is very literal, it will bring you more of whatever you are an energetic match for. What does that mean? Well, it means if you sink into a hole every time a challenge comes your way, guess what? More challenges will come your way. Ask for what you DO want, don't present for what you DON'T want, make sense?

Here's three (3) things you can start doing right now, every day, to re-train your mind and re-direct your energy towards the positive:

  1. Speak Positively About Yourself. Always. I know you think you're doing this, but once you are intentional about it, you will realize that more negative comes out of your mouth than positive. For example, do you ever make fun of yourself? Put down your successes or things you like about yourself because it's "cooler" to downplay them? Do you talk about how broke you are, or think constantly about how much you need more money? You get the drift....turn that around!! You're telling the universe that it's ok for you to be those things, so it'll bring you more of it. If you get a big bill, say, "I'm so glad I have the money to pay this bill," even if you don't have it. Focus on what you WANT, not what you need.

  2. Write Down All the "ills" and Forgive Them. In order to make space for the good stuff you want, you have to get rid of the negative energy clogging up your awesomeness pipeline. The first time you do this, you'll need to go back to your first memory of hurt. Do it. Write it all down and then go back and say, "I forgive you. I release you." Don't confuse forgiveness for condoning bad behavior; you can forgive without condoning, but what you can't do is clear that clog unless you forgive them. Forgiveness is about you, not them. Once you get through your first list, keep doing it until you feel better and better every time you forgive. Also, make sure you're forgiving yourself too, everyday. We tend to beat ourselves up and need to make sure we give ourselves grace and release ourselves too. Practice saying to yourself in the mirror, "I forgive you. I love you. I'm sorry. I release you." to yourself every single day.

  3. Be Grateful. If you're reading this, it means you have access to the internet, likely a cellphone, a computer or both. Be grateful for that, others don't have access at all. Every morning, after your forgiveness practice, list 5 things you're grateful for. Here were my 5 from this morning: 1-I am grateful for another day on this Earth. 2-I am grateful for my son, his continued health and success. 3-I am grateful for the money I have to support my happiness and that of my family. 4-I am grateful to own my home, my cars, and other items which support my happiness and that of my family. 5-I am grateful for my clients, I love having an overflow of clients in all my businesses for whom I can help support their happiness.

Manifesting is a practice, a way of life. If you accept that we are part of a greater energy, building a positive manifesting practice will come easier for you. Practicing positivity will not only help you, but it will help others around you. The purpose of an entrepreneur is to help solve problems, so start by solving your own with a daily manifesting practice.

Melissa Pranzo is The Comma Check Girl. For more information, or to learn more about her success strategies, book a Discovery Call with her by clicking here.

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