Why you need to learn to love money

Updated: Jan 31

Yup, I'm saying it. You need to learn to love money.

The world is full of people who do nothing to better themselves financially. Don't be one of them. Vow to do things differently than the countless others out there who think money is a horrible thing, that they don't deserve to have it, and walk around judging those who have money, love their money, and are living their best lives.

They say all you need is love, that love makes the world go around, but last I checked, the stock market isn't trading love, you can't buy food or pay bills with love, and no mortgage is funded by love. The idea is to understand how money fits into your life, and learn to love your relationship with it.

We are taught that money is a bad thing, that we shouldn’t talk about it, and we definitely shouldn’t talk about how much we have. All this does is cement in our mind that money = bad. So we start to repel money. Most of us don't even know we're doing it. Why would you want to keep something bad in your life, right?

If you truly want to enjoy the prosperity that money can offer, it's important that you develop a loving relationship with money. I'm talking about committing to a life of financial intimacy where you give money the respect it deserves, and truly believe that you are worthy of having money.

However, before you can commit to your new-found relationship with money, you need to admit that you're not where you want to be, that you're hurting financially. Now, you may not be starving or homeless, but that doesn't mean you are not hurting.

Stop thinking that, because you're not destitute, that you don't deserve to want more, to make more, and have more money. Money is energy, and energy is power. Developing a positive, loving, relationship with money is going to change your energy, signal the universe that this new relationship is a positive thing, and therefore ultimately change the course of your business, and your life.

Melissa Pranzo is "The Comma Check Girl". You can find her on social media at @melissapranzo or email us at info@melissapranzo.com to learn more.

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